About SEQRents
In 1998 SEQRents created an Internet Rental Accommodation Service to make it easier for people to find rental accommodation in South East Queensland.
SEQRents is a small, locally owned and operated Brisbane based business. You may contact us on;
Phone: +61 7 3397 3474 Fax: +61 7 3397 3475 E-mail: queries@seqrents.com.au
Postal Address: PO Box 3112 Norman Park Brisbane Australia QLD 4170

Why Advertise Your Property with SEQRents ?

More people will be able to view your property
People living locally, from across Australia and around the world come to SEQRents website to view rental property 24hours a day, 7 days a week. The number of visitors to the SEQRents website has continued to grow over the years. In March 2007 the SEQRents website recorded
34 461visitors and over 4.9 million hits.

You will waste less time on unnecessary inspections
Simply ask people to view Your property on the Internet first. They will call you back either to arrange a Tenancy Agreement or an inspection at a mutually suitable time.

You can improve the security of your property
By having an SEQRents property display you no longer need to disclose the address or hand over the keys for people to see inside.

You can cut rent loss between Tenancy Agreements
Start to advertise Your property with SEQRents before it becomes vacant. People can view your property on the Internet without disturbing the current Tenants.

You can become proactive in finding suitable Tenants
Take a look at the
SEQRents Tenant Waiting List.

You are working with a business that has the knowledge and experience
Years as Tenants, Owner/Managers of a residential rental property, working with Resident Unit Managers and membership of the Property Owners Association of Queensland have given us an understanding of issues faced by Managers and Tenants.

You will receive friendly and efficient service
From a locally owned and operated business.

Residential Complexes
Resident Unit Managers have been quick to recognise what SEQRents has to offer.

Managers use SEQRents website to
Find Tenants.
Show investors how a complex has progressed or the results of a recent refurbishment.
View complexes before purchasing Management Rights.
Click here to download a Change Manager Details Form (18.7Kb PDF file).

Each display is custom made to suit your requirements.
You can ask for an online
Tenancy Enquiry Form.
Availability Page is a popular option with Managers who have a large letting pool or a regular turnover of Tenancy Agreements.
If you already have a website you can either ask for a link to be included in an SEQRents display, or, you can ask for a link from SEQRents to your existing website.

Managers can book an appearance on the SEQRents Home Page. Use this highly effective strategy to raise the profile of your complex when you have a number of vacancies coming up, are moving into a new complex or have another stage about to be released. Such appearances are strictly limited and subject to Terms and Conditions.

SEQRents clients receive a quarterly newsletter covering recent website developments and events of interest. Copies are available upon request.

Note: When you find a Tenant with SEQRents there is NO letting or spotters fee to pay (either by You or the Tenant).
Contact SEQRents for more information.

Short Term Accommodation
Many people who visit SEQRents website are coming to work in South East Queensland on contract or are relocating from overseas or interstate. They often require furnished accommodation for the contract period, until their own furniture arrives, their family joins them or they get to know the area.

When SEQRents creates a custom display for your complex you can have an online Booking Enquiry Form tailored to your requirements.
If you already have a website you can either ask for a link to be included in an SEQRents display, or, you can ask for a link from SEQRents to your existing website.

You can reserve an appearance on the SEQRents Home Page to raise the profile of your complex. This feature advertising is strictly limited and subject to Terms and Conditions.

Note: When you receive a booking via SEQRents there is NO commission or spotters fee to pay (either by You or your customer)
Contact SEQRents for more information.

House, Unit, Apartment, Duplex or Flat

When SEQRents creates a display for your property;

You can provide you own pictures or ask us to come and take them for you
All prints are returned.
Digital images need to be at least 640 x 480 pixels, preferably slightly larger.

Provide a floor plan for the display
Show how your property is laid out and specify the dimensions or clearances.
People can use the plan to decide whether the style or size of their furniture or vehicle is going to become an issue.

Create a map for the display
Create your own map and tailor it to your property’s location. Include the major roads, orientation and note whether it is to scale. Add in the position and distance to local shops, transport, shopping centre with supermarket, CBD, hospital and schools. It is worth taking the time to create a map so people can see how far your property is from these local amenities. Some people will do a print out of the map and use it to find your property.

Whose contact details will appear on the display ?
Each display includes the contact details for the Property Manager and/or Owner as SEQRents does not act as an agent for rental property.

When you manage an individual property which is available for long term lease you are eligible for SEQRents Run it till it’s rented offer.
Here's how to make the most of this special SEQRents offer...

1. Start to run the display for your property one month before it is due to become vacant.
2. Check the expiry date on the Tax Invoice issued by SEQRents.
3. If your property has not rented
by this date, contact SEQRents to extend the display for another two weeks.
4. Continue to contact SEQRents every two weeks to extend the display until the property has rented.

If we do not hear from you by the expiry date or the end of a two week interval we assume that the property has rented and the display is removed from viewing.
With SEQRents Run it till it's Rented offer it is a fixed price to run the property display regardless of how long it takes to rent. The earliest you can start to advertise with this offer is one month prior to the end of the current lease.

Note: When you find a Tenant with SEQRents there is NO letting or spotters fee to pay (either by You or the Tenant).
Contact SEQRents for more information.

Welcome. We want you to
come back to SEQRents every time you need to find a place to rent or a flatmate.

What if I don’t know what to choose or can’t find what I am looking for ?
You can place a
Property Request.
Your Request will remain on the SEQRents website for two weeks. People who are already advertising on the SEQRents website may contact you. If SEQRents is contacted by someone who thinks they may have suitable accommodation their reply will be forwarded to you by e-mail.

Share Accommodation
The Share Accommodation service is provided by SEQRents at no charge.

Room Offered
Room Offered advertisements appear on the SEQRents website for two weeks.

Advertise Room Wanted
If you are looking for a Room you can place a Room Wanted advertisement. Room Wanted advertisements appear on the SEQRents Share Waiting List for two weeks. If you want your contact details to appear in the Share Waiting List simply include them in the Comments of the advertisement.

Share Waiting List
When replying to a Room Wanted advertisement make sure the Room you are offering matches the person's request. If the person who placed a Room Wanted advertisement has not included their contact details your Reply is forwarded to them via e-mail. It is up to the person who placed the Room Wanted advertisement to get in touch with you. If you do not hear from them it may be they have not checked their e-mail, your offer did not suit or they have found somewhere else to live and have not let you (or us) know.

Your suggestions are welcome
We are delighted that you have found SEQRents. Your suggestions on how we can improve our service are welcome ... because we want you to come back every time you need to find a place to rent or a flatmate.
Contact SEQRents with your comments or suggestions.

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